PAE-2911 Dual Remote Ethernet Relay


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The PAE-2911 is a dual Ethernet relay designed to allow remote electrical (not software) connection and disconnection of Ethernet-connected devices.  The unit accepts maintained contact closures or 5-volt signals to switch and has 250VAC isolation between input and output on an open circuit.

  • This dual remote relay allows you to isolate 2 independent segments of your Ethernet network, eliminating unauthorized access.
  • Absolute security from network intrusion, far more secure than a firewall or other software solutions, since the network segment being switched is electrically disconnected from the main network.
  • Telcom-grade relays with Au over Ag bifurcated contacts for high reliability.
  • Optional plug-in side-by-side chaining for more switched circuits, up to 4 modules (8 circuits) side-by-side in a 1RU rack case.
  • Available in convenient 2-circuit modules for integration into existing equipment, or with optional case and power-supply for free-standing use.
  • Contact us for packaging and enclosure options.

Ethernet compatibility: CAT5, CAT6.

Network Connections: 2-RJ45 input, 2-RJ45 output.

Power supply: 5V@90mA, #2911-PS optional power supply

Current draw for 5-volt signaling: 90mA.

Number of circuits: Two Ethernet input ports, two output ports.

Isolation: >40dB – off state.

Loss: <.1dB, CAT5, <.5dB CAT6 – on state.

Max standoff voltage: 250V continuous.

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.  Read all Warranty details here.