PAE ULP-xxx-xx ULP (Ultra-Low-Pass) AC Power Filter

240 V 60 A ULP in NEMA 3 enclosure

The PAE ULP AC Line Filter was developed to address the needs of recording and broadcast studio power quality. Isolation transformers, our UQUI specifically, do an excellent job of reducing or eliminating common-mode currents by full galvanic isolation. Being AC-in, AC-out devices they do not appreciably attenuate transverse-mode noise, indeed transformers in general pass the desired 60 Hz AC current as well as the AC noise superimposed on it. In addition AC noise currents through the transformer can degrade it’s otherwise superior common-mode suppression.

The PAE ULP Ultra Low-Pass filter attenuates both common-mode and transverse-mode AC noise, starting in the low KHz area, and achieving over 110 dB attenuation by 50 KHz, extending to 10 GHz.

The PAE ULP AC power filter ensures that the AC power delivered to the isolation transformer is rid of noise from local sources such as HVAC and Photovoltaic inverters, as well as RF from radio and TV transmitters and cell towers.

Each ULP Filter is a custom unit manufactured to our customer’s specifications to ensure optimum performance and value. We have supplied ULP Filters in both 60 and 100 A ratings and others are available as requested. Send an email to: to request further information or to schedule a consult.


  1. Available in single or 3 -phase configurations.
  2. Current ratings from 60-150 A.
  3. Attenuation: 100 Hz:-0.15 dB, 1 KHz:-6 dB, 10 KHz:-90 dB, 100 KHz-10 GHz:-110 dB
  4. Fully shielded enclosure with separate Isolated Filter Ground terminal.
  5. Hi-Q inductors for low voltage drop.
  6. UL-rated terminal lugs for ease of termination.
  7. NEMA 3 enclosure pre-punched for fittings.
  8. Wall mount standard.
  9. Dimensions depend on voltage and current rating ordered.