PAE-2900 Remote Power Relay


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P/N: PAE-2900    Price: $349.00    Shipping Status: obsolete, inquire



The PAE-2900 Remote Power Relay is designed to give the broadcast engineer, studio engineer, or audiophile a tool for remotely sequencing power in a 2-stage cycle, with inrush-limited delay.  It has a full compliment of trigger inputs:  9-24VDC, 120VAC, and USB.  The unit is rated at 120VAC, 16A total attached load (total of all outputs).  The unit features 10 AC outlets: two unswitched, six remote turn-on, and two inrush-limited delayed turn-on.

  • Allows for correct load sequencing and in-rush limiting to 24A for 1/2 second, after which the inrush-limited output is connected directly to 120VAC.
  • Perfect for remotely turning on amplifiers from a preamplifier accessory AC outlet.
  • Perfect for turning on audio equipment when booting a DAW, by connecting trigger input to a USB port.
  • Automates external equipment turn-on upon computer boot.
  • Interfaces with common 9-24VDC audio component daisy-chain signaling.
  • Transverse and common-mode MOV protection as well as gas-discharge transverse protection.
  • Relay contacts are arc-quenched to allow switching of heavily inductive loads.
  • Master power switch for full system disable with shroud to inhibit accidental shut down.
  • Unlike competing devices which use insulation-displacement connections which can overheat and fail, all outlets are silver-soldered to power distribution bus for enhanced long-term reliability.
  • Rugged extruded aluminum case.

Trigger inputs: 9-24VDC@3-10ma max., 120VAC@5ma., USB 5V@5ma.

AC Input: 120V, 60Hz 16A maximum.

Protection: 15A circuit breaker.

Outputs: (2) Unswitched, (6) Remote switched, (2) Delayed after remote switch with inrush limiting.

Output: 120VAC, 16A total all loads.

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.  Read all Warranty details here.