The following links are to vendors we at the Pro Audio Group have personally done business with and whom we recommend.



Elecraft.  Makers of the groundbreaking KX3 Portable HF Transceiver, the most capable rig made for mobile or portable use.  It allows for no-compromise operation from the great outdoors, and it will compete with the best at home as your main rig.  This is the transceiver for which the PAE-Kx31 heatsink was designed:


KE7X Books.  Fred Cady writes excellent guides for operating the Elecraft line of equipment.  Many consider them to be more informative than the Elecraft manuals.  He also offers tips for dealing with issues you may experience as well as cures for common equipment problems.  Highly recommended:


GEMS Products.  The place to order SideKX and cover products designed by Scott, AK6Q.  A must-have addition to any KX3 as featured here on my own KX3, the SideKX provide protection for the front panel of the KX3, and the matching cover keeps the front panel protected from dust and impact:


QRPworks.  makers of the ground-breaking portable loggers and solid-state paddles.  They offer innovative solutions for the logging and CW needs of the portable SOTA and field operators.  Their solid state paddles are the answer to a long-standing need for paddles which are immune to dust and debris with no moving parts, yet without the fussiness of capacitive paddles.  They offer totally unique products and unequaled service, highly recommended:


Frattini Keys.  Alberto Frattini  is the master machinist who makes what I consider the best iambic paddles available: the Chrome Iambic.  You would have to use it to know why I say that, but the degree of precision and finish as well as customer service is phenomenal.  His products are precision CW jewelry and Alberto will give you unequaled service, my highest recommendation:


Rose’s Cases and Covers.  High-quality custom cases with optional personalizing for your KX3 or other equipment.  Great looking and tough enough for the trail:!i=452236459&k=vLrLtL2


Begali Keys.  The Elecraft KXPD3 is a fine key which many use every day, but for those who desire other features such as variable attachment angle, the Begali Adventurer is finest key made designed for attachment to the Elecraft KX3.  High-precision and flawless machining make this key a pleasure to use on your desk or on the road:


Buddipole Portable Antennas.  The Buddipole system affords high-performance in a flexible, easy to carry, easy to deploy package.