PAE-WTU Wall Terminal Unit

PAE-WTU-1 Wall Terminal Unit







P/N: PAE-WTU-1    Price: $58.90    Shipping Status: inquire


P/N: PAE-WTU-2    Price: $63.90    Shipping Status: inquire


The PAE-WTU Wall Terminal Unit is designed to provide a convenient and low-impedance grounding method for EMI painted surfaces.  Constructed of  1/4″ thick high-conductivity alloy 110 copper, it is designed to be mounted to concrete masonry unit (CMU) or gypsum wall board (GWB) walls quickly.  The included lay-in lug allows attachment of a grounding conductor up to #4 AWG.

It is available in two styles: the PAE-WTU-1 with a single #4-#14 lay -in lug, or the PAE-WTU-2 which comes with two #4-#14 lay-in lugs.