AM1 Portable Antenna Mount System

P/N: PAE-AM1    Price: $69.90  Shipping Status: Immediate, In Stock


AM1 can be rotated +/- 90° to grab horizontal or vertical surfaces.
AM1 bracket machined from billet aluminum in the USA.
Type III Hard Coat anodized for tough protection.
Stainless steel thumbscrew for radial attachment features captive washer for no-fuss bare wire capture.

One piece BNC to BNC connector for many antennas like Elecraft AX1, AX2.
Gold BNC center contact for corrosion resistance.

Quality detachable clamp.
Rubber-lined jaws give a tenacious grip on most surfaces.
Clamp can be rotated left or right 90° on AM1 bracket to clamp on horizontal or vertical supports.
Optional lightweight tripod adapter.


Clamp range on round supports is 0.4″ to 2″ diameter.
Clamp range on flat supports is 0″ to 2″.
Clamp weight: 4.7 oz / 132 g.
AM1 bracket weight: 2.4 oz / 69 g.
Tripod adapter weight: 0.65 oz. / 9.2 g.


The Pro Audio Engineering AM1 Portable Antenna Mount is versatile, small, light, and incredibly strong.  It will grab and hold onto any object square or round up to 2″ thick.  It is machined from 6061T-6511 billet aluminum and steel, anodized for protection.  The versatile AM1 can be adjusted to tenaciously grab either horizontal or vertical surfaces.  A ground thumbscrew is provided to connect radials.  We are confident in this small antenna mount’s ability to stay put just about anywhere you mount it.

It is small and light, and we carry the AM1 and a 6′ BNC cable along with the KX2 and AX1 in our Elecraft CS-60 kit bag.  If you are not satisfied with it’s performance, just return it undamaged for a full refund.


Clamp (left) and AM1 Bracket (right)

The AM1 comes supplied with a Clamp assembly and a CNC machined bracket with a pre-mounted BNC female to BNC female bulkhead adapter which is correct for antennas like the Elecraft AX1, AX2 and others.




































AT1 Tripod Adapter

(shown mounted on non-anodized AM1 for contrast)
P/N: AM1-TA    Price: $19.90  Shipping Status: Immediate, In Stock

The  AM1 Tripod Adapter allows the AM1 bracket assy. to be directly mounted to the 1/4″x 20 attachment atop most photographic tripods.  It is machined from 6061 billet and Type III hard anodized for durability.  A full 1/4″ thickness allows for full thread engagement for both the AM1 and tripod.

BNC-RA to BNC Cables

P/N: 3 ft. BNC-RA to BNC  Price: $9.90  Shipping Status: Immediate, In Stock

P/N: 6 ft. BNC-RA to BNC    Price: $12.90  Shipping Status: Immediate, In Stock

In order to connect the AM1 to your transceiver, we are offering these quality right-angle BNC to BNC cables.  We have them manufactured here in the USA using premium low-loss RG-316 PTFE dielectric coax cable and connectors.  The right-angle BNC is the correct and recommended connector for the rig end to reduce potential for damage to the rig’s BNC connector.  If common-mode suppression is desired (always a good idea) check out our Fair-Rite mix 31 cores here.  If you don’t know that you need common-mode choking, reading this paper is highly recommended.

SO-239-BNC Flange Mount Adapter Kit








P/N: SO-239-BNC FM Kit  Price: $12.90  Shipping Status: Immediate, In Stock

An optional accessory is a BNC female to SO-239 flange mount adapter which mounts in place of the BNC to BNC supplied with the AM1.  It comes with the correct #4-40×1/4″ SS screws and will attach to pre-tapped holes in the AM1 bracket.


3/8-24 Female Thread to PL-259 Adapter





P/N: 38-24-PL-259   
Price: $18.90 
Shipping Status: Immediate, In Stock

With the optional SO-239-BNC Flange Mount Kit installed, we also offer this PL-259 UHF male to 3/8″-24 stud adapter which will let you mount antennas like the Buddistick, Diamond monoband whips, Moonraker or MFJ-16xx series.