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12/12/2017 – Important: if you do not receive a shipping notice email; PayPal have an internal issue which they are working to resolve.  Until they do fix it, if you have not received your order in the US within 4 days or outside the US within 10 days, please email us at: info@proaudioeng.com and we thank you for your patience.

10/18/2017 – A couple of announcements:

  1. Shipping to Canada for small adapters and other items fitting into a padded mailer and weighting less than a few ounces can be sent for $5.00 shipping cost.  Shipping for any single heatsink or power supply would be about $15 opposed to the previous $25.
  2. Update for people patiently waiting for our Kx21 3-cell DC charger: we are working with our current power supply vendor to manufacture these, having worked through a Tenergy battery issue affecting a percentage of packs sold.

9/4/2017 – We do not inflate shipping pricing (only round to the next $) and will refund any extra amount quoted when shipping, but please be aware there are problems with the current PayPal shipping calculator.  Our ferrite pricing is very low and with some combination of ferrites due to their size and weight we have had to request additional shipping funds (typically $4- $6)  for a small % of ferrite purchases.  We appreciate your patience working with us until we can get a better shipping calculator from PayPal.  Our great thanks go to customers who have been so understanding!