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11/29/2019 – Hi all,
We are offering a 10% Black Friday discount to all orders starting today
and ending Sunday night at 12AM.  This applies to all products including ferrites shipped to all destinations domestic and foreign.  Merely enter BF19 in the discount code box at checkout.
Thank you for your patronage in the past and 73!
Howie / WA4PSC

7/16/2019 – Summer is the best time for antenna system maintenance, and all antenna systems should be equipped with a common-mode choke.  Check out our ferrite line here.

3/7/2019 – In an effort to forestall tarriff-induced price hikes, we have again made quantity purchases that actually allow us to lower the pricing on selected ferrite products.  Check them out!

7/12/2018 – We are proud to announce Waters & Stanton as our exclusive UK distributor.  They are the authorized Elecraft dealer in the UK and we are pleased to be working with them!

**Please note: Ferrite products are quite fragile and we ensure safe shipping by packing them carefully in padding.  As a result, certain combinations of ferrites in an order can make the package quite large and Paypal’s shipping calculator will underestimate shipping costs.  In these cases an email will be sent after the order informing you of the extra amount to be remitted for shipping.  You will of course always have the option of continuing with the purchase or canceling with a full refund if the total amount is not acceptable.  We apologize for this problem, but be assured safe delivery of your order is our priority!**