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8/2/2021 – We now stock a DC power adapter for the Lab599 TX-500 transceiver, our 33-175 here.

5/25/2021 – We will be taking a well-deserved break for the Memorial Day weekend.  All orders entered between Thursday May 27 and Monday May 31 will be shipped beginning Tuesday June 1.  We hope you and your families have a relaxing holiday, and thank you for both your patronage and patience.  We especially thank all of those who have served the country in the military, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

5/2/2021 – Many Xeigu G90 owners are concerned by the fragility of the mini-Tamiya jack on the rig.  When using our Kx33 Low-RFI power supply with our 33-155 adapter, you can leave the adapter plugged into the G90 at all times, and forestall any failure.  The 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm DC jack on the adapter and Kx33 is robust and will survive many mating cycles.  The jack on our test jig has worked well for literally thousands of mating/unmating cycles.

**Please note: Ferrite products are quite fragile and we ensure safe shipping by packing them carefully in padding.  As a result, certain combinations of ferrites in an order can make the package quite large and heavy, and Paypal’s shipping calculator will underestimate shipping costs.  In these cases an email will be sent after the order informing you of the extra amount to be remitted for shipping.  You will of course always have the option of continuing with the purchase or canceling with a full refund if the total amount is not acceptable.  We apologize for this problem, but be assured safe delivery of your order is our priority!**